Lars Lückenotte

Service portfolio PersonalAG

HR on demand (personnel development sales)
Boost your internal sales performance indicators (byISPI)
In every sales organization there are high performers in individual relevant sales success factors (development of existing customers, new acquisitions, low out-of-stock, second placements, price and promotion campaigns, facing and implementation of central agreements, etc.).). These values come from external statistics (GfK, Nielsen), internal analyses and rides. Identified high-performers are integrated into personnel development (multiplication of their strengths) after appropriate training.Employees learn from employees instead of only from superiors. This concept absolutely requires the open-mindedness of sales superiors and the support of the HR department.
Advanced training for key account managers
Strategy development, acquisition, annual meetings, category management, interface management (field, marketing), tandem KAM, coaching on demand
Competence profile
After school, apprenticeship in the food trade (Ratio C&C wholesale market) as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant. Already in the 3rd year of apprenticeship assumption of the provisional deputy department management in the non-food/technology area with 6 employees. After 5 years, change to Kaufland as food division manager and deputy store manager in the store in Andernach, two-month project management with takeover and conversion of a Real store, change to the store in Bergkamen with personnel responsibility for 80 and 120 employees. In the fall of 2001, he switched sides to the industry to Eckes AG as a district manager and, after separating the spirits, as an account manager for Granini and hohes C. During this time, he studied part-time at the University of Applied Sciences, initially with a focus on content, and then with a focus on completing his degree in business administration by correspondence course to become a state-certified business economist. During his studies he was promoted to Key Account Manager and Regional Sales Manager LEH Northwest with 6 Account Managers. Eckes-Granini was, among others, category leader at REWE, planning and implementing the entire category of non-alcoholic beverages with the relevant decision-makers. 2013 Restructuring processes with the merger of the Northwest (Youngster) and East (Haudegen) sales forces into one team as well as with the harmonization and merging of the LEH and gastronomy sales forces. Leadership and target achievement of the North/East team with personnel responsibility for 9 area sales managers. 2016 Change to W.T.S. (Wenko-Team-Service / Burger-Group) in Detmold as national sales manager with personnel responsibility for 82 sales representatives and service travelers. The company W.T.S. serves the German trade with OTP articles (Other Tobacco Products of the German tobacco industry) and is considered a category leader among existing customers with its shop-in-shop system. Subsequently, assumption of responsibility as Head of Sales International at Schildgen GmbH (eyewear, accessories, everyday helpers) with international sales responsibility, procurement and logistics Far East and involvement in New Business. Since 2022, personnel development of sales employees under the umbrella of PersonalAG.