Company view - your special benefit

Events in the competitive environment often leave little time to recruit top personnel using classic methods with corresponding restrictions on availability. Specific expertise is often only needed for temporary tasks and cannot or should not be permanently tied to the company at great cost.
: The required manager is usually available within a few days. Modular recruiting in TeamSearch delivers quickly and reliably when the required management capacity exists in the market.
Knowledge and experience
: With the interim manager, an expert comes to you who has many years of experience in the required area and special qualifications for interim activities.
Results / Commitment
: Since every completed assignment is important for the interim manager for his further placement in the market, he is highly motivated and will do his utmost to make the current project equally successful and to secure new reference clients.
Power to the last meter: Interim managers who have a NewPlacement coach at their side are actively marketed. Constant downtime due to application activities in the final project phase at the expense of the client is eliminated.
Unbound: Thanks to years of experience as managers in various functions, interim managers bring not only the necessary professional competence and leadership experience, but also the required sensitivity for their tasks. Without social integration in the company, they are not afraid to be catalyst managers for difficult and unpopular tasks.
: Interim managers are only paid if they work for them. In contrast to permanent employees, there are no additional costs for social security contributions, vacation, further training, illness, redundancy, etc. on top of the daily rates. Various comparative calculations show the cost-benefit advantage.
Shadow manager
: During the entire assignment, we as the provider are directly available to you as an experienced contact person and "caretaker" - also and especially if something "goes wrong". Interim managers with a NewPlacement coach also have a shadow manager who is on hand in case of difficulties of any kind.