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Many linked keywords from A-Z around HR on demand, separation, recruiting and coaching HR.


2/9 Our product portfolio

ranges from recruiting, interim, HR on demand to coaching for HR managers.


3/9 Our USP

What distinguishes us from other providers and their consulting services in the long term.


4/9 Recruiting

for specialists and executives (PremiumSearch) with unique separation of interests.


5/9 InterimProviding

supports the success in the interaction between company and interim manager until the end.


6/9 HR on demand

is available in the forms of consulting, project, restructuring, interim or succession coaching.


7/9 Separation management

includes both prevention and fair and future-oriented separation.


8/9 Coaching for HR

after career leaps, extraordinary projects as well as strategy, diplomacy and politics.


9/9 Job search for HR

we support with our NewPlacement-Coaching until success or with guarantee.



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NewPlacement Löffler + Partner GmbH
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Tel: 0800 873 6686 (domestic, toll-free) or +49 521 1644475
E-Mail: info(at)PersonalAG.eu

directly to the contact form 
If you have questions or are interested are interested in additional information, a telephone exchange or a personal informational interview, you can reach us by telephone at 0800 873 6686 (toll-free) or +49 521 1644475 (international or in the event of disruptions to the 0800 number). If the SeniorPartner in charge is not available, he or she will usually call you back within 24 hours. Of course you can also send us an e-mail to send. Or you can simply use the contact form below. In this case, we only need your name and the contact method (your telephone number or e-mail address) as well as a check mark for data protection and the click on "SEND". When we have received your request, you will receive a confirmation email from us in any case if you provide your email. We guarantee all callers, e-mail writers and users of the contact form absolute confidentiality, secrecy of your data and data protection according to our privacy policy. We vouch for this with our 30 years of tradition.
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