Our understanding of HR on Demand

Tabular overview
The "HR on demand" service can take the form of consulting, project, restructuring, in-house interim work (freelance, salaried) or succession coaching on a cyclical or fixed-term basis. Only managers with years of HR leadership experience are used.
The reasons for deployment
can range from a personnel bottleneck (illness, change of personnel, etc.) to a capacity bottleneck to a reorganization of the department. Each assignment must be preceded by an intensive informational interview free of charge, in which the scope, necessary industry knowledge or HR specialist knowledge and, above all, the objectives are defined. Subsequently, the company is personally presented with an appropriate offer by the SeniorPartner PersonalAG who is designated for this task.
The daily rates
are based on the annual gross salary of a permanent in-house employee with a net annual working time of 220 days. Surcharges for social incidental costs, risk of illness, recruitment/release (e.g. acquisition time interim manager) are due on top of this, as far as they are not granted within the scope of the activity, e.g. in case of an interim in-house recruitment.


Tabular overview


0 0 HR strategy
1 0 Organizational development
2 0 HR marketing, employer branding
3 0 HR 4.0, AI, learning organization
4 0 Personnel planning, controlling and reporting
5 0 Recruitment (recruitment, selection, contract)
6 0 Personnel development (talent management, teamwork, coaching)
7 0 Operational HR support (consulting / advisory)
8 0 Compensation / remuneration systems (compensation & benefits)
9 0 Personnel Administration, Organization, Operations and IT (PIS)
10 0 Personnel work in a collective bargaining environment (works council, trade unions)
11 0 Personnel reduction (outplacement)
12 0 Internationality, foreign assignments, expatriates