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Many linked keywords from A-Z around HR on demand, separation, recruiting and coaching HR.


2/9 Our product portfolio

ranges from recruiting, interim, HR on demand to coaching for HR managers.


3/9 Our USP

What distinguishes us from other providers and their consulting services in the long term.


4/9 Recruiting

for specialists and executives (PremiumSearch) with unique separation of interests.


5/9 InterimProviding

supports the success in the interaction between company and interim manager until the end.


6/9 HR on demand

is available in the forms of consulting, project, restructuring, interim or succession coaching.


7/9 Separation management

includes both prevention and fair and future-oriented separation.


8/9 Coaching for HR

after career leaps, extraordinary projects as well as strategy, diplomacy and politics.


9/9 Job search for HR

we support with our NewPlacement-Coaching until success or with guarantee.


Note for applicants

PersonalAG is a competence partner in the entire search process for corporate management, C-level, executives, specialists and interim managers. If you are applying reactively to one of our job advertisements in the usual daily newspapers, Internet portals or in search engines in your subject areas, please send us a cover letter and your current CV, call the SeniorPartner indicated or use our contact form. If you want to send us an unsolicited application, we consider it essential that you are ready for the market. C-Levels and executives who are unsure about their market maturity, we recommend a free and non-binding informational interview with a NewPlacement AG coach in your area (website)
What do we mean by market maturity in the application market?

1. do you have a clear positioning with characteristics, position target, fields of success and skills in one sentence as an extract of your professional biography as an offer to the job market?
2. do you have a one-page cover letter with positioning, with a brief outline "that's where I came from and I'm here today", motivation to change, internal counter-offer, previous salary range, regions of assignment and intended contractual relationship (permanent, interim, project)?
3. do you have a short overview of a maximum of two pages with your stations and the 3-5 focus points in each case?
4. do you have a one-page performance and experience profile with around 10 main categories?
5. Do you have a one-page project and process overview with appropriate bandwidth?
6. do you have a change motivation and an internal counter-offer ready for each career change?
7. can you prove strengths, weaknesses, leadership style, greatest success and failure situationally from your work history?
8. are your references congruent with your statements regarding motivation for change, internal counter-offer, strengths, weaknesses and leadership style?
9. are you able to present an active matching based on around 50 demand factors as the essence of your professional career in interviews with companies?
10. is your "digital self" clear and absolutely congruent with your application appearance? Do you have a conversation strategy for counterproductive search engine listings related to your person?
11. are you experienced in terms of the necessary interview strategy (owners, supervisors, staff, colleagues questions to managers, etc.) throughout the entire application process?
As a personnel consulting firm, we are obligated to the contracting companies to find the best possible person for the advertised position and to enable their contractual commitment. We cannot develop or assist applicants in terms of their marketability, also because of the conflict of interest and the obligation to the companies. Appropriate assistance for C-Level, executives, specialists and interim managers, also modular, can be obtained, among others, from the NewPlacement AG. In the application process, companies and personnel consultancies usually only give you a one-time chance. Therefore, please send us your unsolicited application only if you can answer all the above questions with a clear yes, to initiativ(at)PersonalAG.de.
We expect a pdf file (cover letter, cover sheet, short profile, performance and experience profile, project list) with file name last name_first name_target position_residence_date / current date=YYYYMMDD. Please state in the e-mail text that you expressly agree to the collection, processing, storage and use of your data until revoked. Please expect a response from us only if we determine a match to a company inquiry. We will only pass on your data to companies or persons outside PersonalAG after consultation with you. Entries in our database will only be made after agreement for applicants we are looking for and will be deleted in the 7th month after entry.
Please refrain from telephone inquiries
Thank you for your understanding