That makes us

We understand people, companies and careers.
PersonalAG has already been focusing on individuality instead of standards for about 30 years with the strategic approach for the forced search for the strategically right candidate and 360° onboarding for C-Level, executives and specialists. We focus on long-term success-oriented recruiting of permanent, interim, project-related and consulting employees or supporters with the "more time" of our SeniorPartners for the search and matching between you and the applicants. Mis-hires are to be reduced as their damage is enormous. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of our consulting with almost 100% success rate is based on the combination of the following individual success factors:

1. modular approach

We only want to support HR managers where they need our help. That's why we analyse in advance, your part and ours, which must mesh perfectly. A good example is our TeamSearch, where within one week several initial interviews can be conducted in many national cities according to standardized rules and subsequent processing. Our SeniorPartner on site presents the results in your company. This eliminates many useless travel times or longer waiting periods for candidates from the job, without the reduction to pure video interviews. Our consulting is exclusively carried out by our SeniorPartners or external HR specialists, who have many years of own organ and management experience from corporate practice. Tandem consulting with recourse to another partner or even several partners is a special advantage of our partnership.

2. not from stock

We do not recruit your target persons from our data collections and thus forfeit the chance of finding the best candidate. Especially for interim, project or consultants there is no daily updated database. We only approach people with a high match between your demand factors and their management-balance, which often cannot be found in any database of more than 100 interim providers.

3. your demand factors

Only after a 360degree analysis of your demand factors for the target person you are looking for (usually 50-70 / professional, motivations, culture, chemistry, etc.) do we embark on the search. Especially at the beginning of a search process, many mistakes of generalization are made. As an HR executive, you can provide many factors from past recruitments that led to success or failure. We don't want to change your company just to make a candidate fit.

4. separation of interests

In many search processes, one headhunter is responsible for all interests (own, company, applicant, guarantee), even though these may differ violently from each other. Therefore, in PremiumSearch we have assigned our national partners to represent the interests of the applicants, while your regional SeniorPartner represents your company interests alone. If the national partners have concerns about matching, they will raise this issue at the very beginning of the process. We take a similar approach to suspected test or salary applications. In the further process, the national partner will support your new employee in onboarding and integration on demand, if desired, based on the high level of trust.

5. separation management

Professional separation management not only ensures image gains, but is also characterized by fairness, relaxedness (litigation) and future orientation for both sides within the framework of our set screw model for a win-win. Particularly in the case of contentious issues, a third party can best smooth the waters without the need for a judge. In the case of delicate disputes, our variant without termination and termination agreement can help with the appropriate target focus and opportunity assessment, sometimes up to new employment.

6. coaching on demand for HR managers

We have very experienced SeniorPartners in our ranks, who have gained vast experience as Managing Directors of HR or Labour Directors in the course of their careers. These SeniorPartners coach HR managers on demand, especially after career leaps or special HR projects. They are billed on the basis of quarter hours or part thereof, usually on a quarterly basis.