Coaching on demand for HR managers

Tabular overview
We coach HR managers in companies according to career leaps, extraordinary projects as well as diplomacy and politics and all content-related topics in the overview below. As a rule, this coaching takes place ad hoc by telephone or digitally and is usually billed by the quarter hour or part thereof. There is usually a one-day coaching kick-off before the coaching begins. In the case of diplomacy and politics, we see the HR manager as the guardian of the grail of corporate culture with multiple points of friction with corporate strategy, superiors, colleagues, BR, courts, social plans, disputes and foreign subsidiaries, etc.. Furthermore, we can assist with the topic of facility management.


Tabular overview


0 0 HR strategy
1 0 Organizational development
2 0 HR marketing, employer branding
3 0 HR 4.0, AI, learning organization, digitalization
4 0 Personnel planning, controlling and reporting
5 0 Recruitment (recruitment, selection, contract)
6 0 Personnel development (talent management, teamwork, coaching)
7 0 Operational HR support (consulting / advisory)
8 0 Compensation / remuneration systems (compensation & benefits)
9 0 Personnel Administration, Organization, Operations and IT (PIS)
10 0 Personnel work in a collective bargaining environment (works council, trade unions)
11 0 Personnel reduction (outplacement)
12 0 Internationality, foreign assignments, expatriates