0. conception of strategic personnel topics

Tabular overview
The captain on the bridge must always be and remain the company HR manager, if he currently exists. PersonalAG sees itself as a provider of ideas, collaborator and discussion partner at eye level. We research for you worldwide for new ideas, concepts and experiences of colleagues. The company HR manager often lacks the time for this. Even reading the numerous newsletters usually comes up short.
Modern personnel management

In view of ever scarcer resources, it is an important concern of modern personnel management to deploy employees appropriately according to their performance potential, to motivate them and to further increase their personal performance potential.
Active personnel management
calls for a shift in tasks in management functions in favour of future-oriented tasks:

Increasing the importance of personnel planning and development Implementing appraisal systems and target agreements Addressing fundamental personnel policy issues Strategic and value-preserving organizational development We help you design modern personnel management.
Integration of acquired companies

Synergy effects are to be used with a merger of the companies. The synergy effects can arise in various areas,

  • business activity becomes more efficient
  • an innovative knowledge transfer
  • an economy of scale is achieved
  • a reduction in production costs.

Especially with the last point, works councils and employees become sceptical and human resources managers are jointly responsible for ensuring that the merger is carried out with a sense of proportion and from the point of view of personnel costs.
Key criteria that must be taken into account here are:

  • are there different collective bargaining agreements,
  • are the employees of the companies to have a uniform employment contract after the merger?
  • must the existing company agreements be adapted
  • is the wage and salary structure between the employees of the merged companies correct or do adjustments have to be made here.

In order to be able to resolve these issues in the interests of the company, HR managers should be involved as early as possible, ideally before the merger has taken place.
Working time models In order to manage a company economically, you need not only strategic goals but also working time models that are optimally matched to the order backlog.
You need the working time (availability of your employees) at the moment when orders are to be produced and not at a time when there is a lower order backlog due to seasonal circumstances.
Overtime hours with overtime pay are expensive for a company, but it is even more expensive when employees have to be paid even though there are not enough orders for the specified working time.
Together with the management, works/staff council and the employees, we develop a flexible working time system specially adapted to your company.
We have experience in two-, three-, four-shift models and in flexible working time models with annual work accounts and overtime accounts.

Tabular overview

0 0 HR strategy
0 1 From corporate vision and strategy to HR vision, HR mission and HR strategy
0 2 Strategic HR management - deriving/implementing/monitoring the HR strategy in the individual functional areas -(functional strategies)
0 3 Design of HR policy -basics and guidelines (company regulations, recruiting guidelines, personnel manual, corporate governance...)
0 4 Development of management guidelines
0 5 HR management process standards in personnel planning, personnel selection, personnel development, separation
0 6 Guidelines for organizational and personnel development, development & implementation
0 7 Development of concepts for personnel organization (contract, working time, compensation concepts)
0 8 Labour relations - design of cooperation with employee associations and trade unions
0 9 Corporate culture - definition, implementation
0 10 Development/implementation of change processes
0 11 Development of diversity management measures and guidelines
0 12 Due diligence, PreMerger & PostMerger integration of acquired companies
0 13 Internationalization of personnel management
0 14 Development of separation concepts (social plan, outplacement, outsourcing)
0 15 Development/introduction of management guidelines
0 16 Development/introduction of working time models
0 17 Analysis, conception, implementation aids Structural and process organization
0 18 Preparation and moderation of workshops