3. personnel 4.o / artificial intelligence

Tabular overview 3
The digital transformation brings with it new forms and processes of work, which in many cases give rise to corresponding concerns among the workforces. However, it also enables the free use of global resources (crowd working) for projects. The HR manager must represent the opportunities and risks in collaboration with the works council.

Tabular overview 3

3 0 Human Resources 4.0, AI, Learning Organization
3 1 Digital transformation; digitization of work and change in the world of work
3 2 New forms and processes of work
3 3 Works council's duty of co-determination in the case of technical innovations
3 4 Flexibilization of working hours and place of work
3 5 Overcoming temporal, spatial and company-related boundaries
3 6 Maximum working hours, rest periods, etc. (requirement vs. law)
3 7 Crowd working; digital day laborers worldwide
3 8 Megatrends mobile, social, cloud and analytics
3 9 Networking
3 10 Basic Data Protection Regulation