11. staff reductions

Tabular overview 11
Modern personnel development goes beyond separation. More and more managing directors and HR managers are using NewPlacement in modern HR management. The previous conflict situation is defused by the personnel managers through a future-oriented development program. Managing director, personnel manager, departing employee and the NewPlacement coach form a team with a common goal: personnel development beyond the separation through a new appealing and challenging task outside the company for the departing employee.

Tabular overview 11


11 0 Staff reductions (outplacement)
11 1 Negotiation, conclusion and implementation of restructuring, reorganization and separation concepts
11 2 Planning and implementation of transfer of business/partial business, reconciliation of interests, social plan, mass redundancies, transfer companies, outsourcing, termination, severance agreements
11 3 Retention - development and implementation of concepts for employee retention
11 4 Development of an internal and external communication strategy
11 5 Stakeholder management before, during and after the wind-down phase
11 Negotiations on reconciliation of interests and social plans
11 6 Preparation and conduct of separation talks
11 7 Management training on the separation process
11 8 Qualification and transfer companies (state subsidies)
11 9 Cooperation with external service providers (lawyer, outplacement provider, transfer company)
11 10 Cooperation with the employment agency