2. personnel marketing

Tabular overview 2
HR marketing ensures a consistent brand presence as an attractive and reliable employer with an image and culture of which the HR manager in the company should be the grail guardian.

Tabular overview 2


2 0 HR marketing, employer branding
2 1 Development/implementation of a global employer branding concept
2 2 Increasing employer attractiveness (attracting, retaining employees)
2 2 Personnel marketing (video, posters, website, etc.) for various countries
2 3 Adaptation of HR instruments with regard to the employer promise
(e.g. job advertisements, HR brochures)
2 4 Cooperation with specialized creative agencies
2 5 Positioning as an employer from the brand core
2 6 Marketing of job reassignments, compensation system including social benefits and personnel development
2 7 unique employer proposition
2 8 Employees as multipliers in social circles