9. personnel administration

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Much of a company's business revolves around money. Buzzwords such as "absolute satisfaction" and "relative dissatisfaction" are on the minds of every HR manager in the company. The introduction or modification of compensation systems is often a struggle that goes on for years and never ends. These discussions are occasionally only surpassed by the difficulty of a company car scheme. Whereas in earlier times the focus was on setting up the company pension scheme, today modifications are becoming increasingly important. The best compensation system will generally not prevent discussions, but it will be able to contain them. This topic is often given less attention by other areas and management. Unless a few euros are missing in the personal accounts. In this area, a great many tasks are outsourced, but the HR manager still has a responsibility. Electronics have made some issues much easier. While electronic time recording, after the corresponding agreements with the works council, has provided considerable simplification of work and transparency, the conversion of personnel files is currently on the agenda in many companies. Here, too, there are fierce battles over data protection, and some HR managers' hair may turn grey over this. The actual accounting has long been left to the company's own HR program, DATEV or other service providers. Only the "coveted" job reference is still largely done by hand. A wide-ranging topic from courtesy to legal dispute.
Payroll Accounting

Due to the many individually different payroll accounting programs on the market, we offer to conduct an analysis of the market based on your requirements and help you select an accounting program that is right for you. If you do not want to invest in any accounting program and also do not want to run any more updates and also want to have the server free, we will help you to choose a suitable external service company.
We take over all tasks in the areas of reporting and certification for your company. In addition, we take over the preparation of statistics for you, e.g. earnings survey for the State Office for Statistics, Employer's Liability Insurance Association, etc..
Preparation of employer's
The employer is legally obliged to issue an employer's reference. The statute of limitations on the right to a reference is 30 years. The employee's right to a reference arises from the employer's general duty of care. A reference must be truthful and favourable to the employee. You have to think carefully about what you write in a reference, because both the employee and a new employer can claim damages. Based on our experience, we prepare professional and factually qualified job references for you.
Electronic personnel files

Although most personnel managers and company supervisors still prefer the conventional suspension files and suspension binders, the electronic personnel file will gradually become more and more popular in the next few years. With the data from the curriculum vitae, professional knowledge, qualification and salary development, the decision makers are quickly provided with the data with a high quality. The decision in favour of the electronic personnel file is based on the practical benefits: At the touch of a button, you can obtain all the information about your employees in seconds and in a visually well-prepared manner. We help you with the selection of software and introduction of the electronic personnel file.

Tabular overview 9

9 0 Personnel Administration, Organization, Operations and IT (PIS)
9 1 Digitization 4.0
9 2 Recruiting with limited resources - budget and ways!!!
9 3 Electronic personnel file
9 4 Personnel resource planning
9 5 HR software systems (SAP-HCM, HR-Best!, Personio)
9 6 HR key figures in MIS
9 7 Payroll accounting (outsourcing/insourcing)
9 8 Introduction of an intranet for employee information
9 9 Absenteeism reduction
9 10 BGM Occupational health management
9 11 Management development
9 12 Improve piecework system