8. compensation and remuneration systems

Tabular overview 8
Introduction of remuneration systems
In today's global marketplace, new remuneration systems must take account of changes in corporate processes, new work situations and employee responsibilities. In many cases, remuneration systems that promote motivation and productivity are now needed to do justice to the new tasks. In order for you to be able to react to the changes accordingly, we offer you our help in analyzing and developing an up-to-date remuneration management system.
Company pension scheme

Alongside statutory pension insurance and private provision, company pension schemes are one of the three pillars on which old-age provision should be built. It is subsidized by the state. Since January 1, 2002, under certain conditions, employees have been entitled under the Retirement Assets Act to use up to 4 percent of their future salary entitlements for their retirement provision (deferred compensation). Employers have the option of choosing one or more implementation channels, thus minimizing the administrative burden. There are the following implementation channels for company pension plans - direct insurance - pension/benefit commitment - support fund - pension fund - pension fund In the case of employer provisions for a direct commitment or a (reinsured) support fund, there is no limit to this exemption. They are exempt from tax and contributions for an unlimited period. In the case of Pension funds, the employer's contributions can be exempted from taxes and social security contributions up to 4% of the contribution assessment ceiling in the statutory pension insurance scheme.
Advantage for the employer:
The employer also saves the employer's share of social security contributions. We help to build up your company pension scheme.
Benefits in money's worth

The provision of benefits in money's worth (car, apartment, driving service for the children, etc.) can lead to interesting offers for sought-after specialists from a tax point of view. We will be happy to clarify the entire range in a personal meeting. This topic can take on special significance in the recruitment of experts. Creative solutions are a challenge for us.
Travel or Car Policy

In your company, travel activities are frequent or many employees have a company car. Then, in your own interest and in order to have a set of rules for your employees, a travel or car policy will help you. We develop a travel or car policy tailored to your company.

Tabular overview 8

8 0 Compensation / remuneration systems (Compensation & Benefits)
8 1 Compensation structures and instruments (global)
8 2 Development, implementation, optimization of compensation structures
8 3 Implementation banding system / salary ranges, market comparisons
8 4 Implementation of job evaluation systems (HAY, Mercer, TowersWatson, in-house)
8 5 Implementation of new benchmarking studies (HAY, Watson Wyatt, Mercer)
8 6 Development and implementation of an international salary adjustment process
8 7 Shares and long-term incentives
8 8 Compensation & Benefits (Theory & Practice)
8 9 Development / introduction / adjustment of variable incentive systems
8 Bonuses, commissions, shares, premiums, fringe benefits, non-monetary benefits
8 10 Bonus structure from global to local
8 Payout plans (target / threshold / maximum)
8 Components: Company - Region - Individual Performance
8 Introduction, coordination BR, contract design, communication
8 11 Budgeting, P&L, fringe benefits, salary increase process, bonus regulations
8 12 Post-merger integration: adaptation of compensation structures and processes
8 13 Insourcing / outsourcing of payroll accounting
8 14 Framework Agreement on Remuneration (ERA)
8 15 Development / introduction of cost- and energy-efficient company car guidelines
8 16 Development, implementation, reorganization of a company pension scheme