Fields of application

In all areas of application, it must be ensured that the right person with the right profile is deployed in the right place at the right time.
Classic areas of application can be, for example, that a first (e.g. board of directors, managing director) or second level executive is absent at short notice for a longer period of time. You cannot or do not want to fill the position on an ad hoc basis because you are counting on the return of the outgoing position holder or the right permanent personality is not yet available as a replacement.

  • Or the situation of the company requires the implementation of difficult and unpopular measures in advance.
  • Or you want to build up an employee for the position and need an "old hand" who builds up or continues structures and quickly develops the internal successor.
  • Or your new top executive is an excellent specialist but still has deficits in other fields such as leadership experience, communication or interface management. Training "on the job" with an experienced interim manager makes him/her fit.
  • Or your company is expanding. You need qualified management personnel immediately to build up a new market, to create structures and the basis to make the commitment permanent.
  • Or for a project you need immediately a high specific qualification, which is not available in your company and which you will not need further after the end of the project.
  • Or you want to become more involved abroad. This requires not only technical know-how but also country-specific social and cultural competence. Behavioural skills are best learned in constant contact with an experienced interim personality. An accompaniment in your company and abroad strengthens your employees and ensures success.

PersonalAG® recruits an experienced interim expert for you on short notice. As experienced business executives, who thanks to years of performance as managers in various functions have a high level of professional competence and leadership experience and the sensitivity for these tasks, can ensure effective transitions for you. These interim managers are not afraid of difficult and unpopular implementations as catalyst managers.