The best of four worlds (company, target person, PersonalAG, NewPlacement)
modularly bookable - until success and with guarantee
PersonalAG has decisively developed classic headhunting and recruiting further and is the first headhunter to provide potential applicants with NewPlacement coaches with hundreds of matching experiences for more authenticity, trifocal matching transparency, focus on the content of the operational challenge as well as more efficient job integration and performance, and all this at standard market conditions. Under the promise of "PremiumSearch until success and with guarantee", innovative tools such as "Catch by the Way" and direct approach in "SafeHouse Mode" are also used for narrow candidate markets. Additional advantages

  • 3-dimensional matching transparency (including actual intent applicant) protects the reputation of the person in charge in the company versus the stakeholders of the project.
  • Faster process through timely matching interviews close to the applicants' homes by NewPlacement coaches with hundreds of matching experiences.
  • More certainty with regard to matching and subsequent job performance thanks to a multi-stage model (quantitative and qualitative matching tableau, several hours of psychological expert exploration).
  • More industry and functional competence through additional competence partners with the appropriate networks and without approach limitation.
  • Accurate separation of the interests of companies, applicants and recruiters.

Concept approach

Recruiting has B2B (PersonalAG) and B2C (NewPlacement) elements. If these are clearly separated, a nationwide team can be formed from a project manager PersonalAG (close to the company, leading) and NewPlacement partners (close to the target person) and, if necessary, an additional industry partner. Based on their experience from hundreds of matching projects, the NewPlacement partners ensure a high degree of transparency and comparability for the presentation of the target persons in the company by the project manager PersonalAG, who is responsible for the telephone casting with all applicants in advance. The NewPlacement partners are committed to confidentiality and ensure a transparent presentation (matching demand factors company / performance and experience spectrum target person). In doing so, they draw on tried and tested tools from NewPlacement coaching, which has been tried and tested over many years. This approach opens up new possibilities in addressing, process speed, matching transparency and security with regard to later job performance on the basis of TeamSearch by national partners with management experience at a high level and the same level of methodology. Our approach also resolves the conflicts of interest between company, target person and recruiter convincingly in our view.

Module S: TeamSearch (integration of all partners)

Definition of demand factors (company, interfaces, industry, NewPlacement database) Design and matching of ads Job ads as media agency Stepstone, XING, LinkedIn Google catch by the way ("waylaying") in the search and display network Direct approaches (networks) by the NewPlacement partner close to the place of residence Telephone quantitative casting by the PersonalAG partner as the basis of the quantitative matching table I
Booking only Module S: Presentation of suitable target persons in the company and invitation procedure
OBJECTIVE: Higher confidentiality of initial sounding possible, especially in tight markets.

Module 1: Matching (time, pre-selection)

Specification of performance and experience spectrum from NewPlacement database
Personal qualitative matching interview with the NewPlacement partner close to the place of residence
Objective: Time saving (process, recruiter) and reduction of travel costs despite personal contact
Development of qualitative matching table II based on demand factors/experience spectrum
Target person Selection and organization of invitations and interviews in the company
Presentation of the selected target persons in the company (CV, matching table II)
Moderation of the interviews in the company on request
Objective: Higher transparency for pre-selection 1. Interview in the company

Module 2: Matching (selection of the narrowest group of applicants)

Definition of the narrowest target group and the remaining matching dissonances
Obtaining of telephone references by project manager HRAG
Half-day biography with the applicants of the narrowest group by the NewPlacement partner close to the place of residence (expert in-depth exploration)
Joint development of re-briefing and psychological matching table III with the NewPlacement partner close to the place of residence
Objective: Significantly higher transparency for selection of the narrowest group of applicants vs. psychological tests or AC

Module 3: Matching (final selection, projection)

Moderation of the second round in the company (verification and deepening of first impressions)
Presentation and discussion Re-briefing and matching table III
If necessary, mediation during contract negotiations
Takeover stand-by / rejection by the NewPlacement partner close to the place of residence
Objective: Very high matching transparency and security for final selection

Module 4: Preparation job insurance

Preparation of integration with organizational set-up by the NewPlacement partner close to the place of residence
Sensitization for onboarding and integration
Establishment of the meta-level
Objective: High probability for good integration and performance on the job

Module 5: Job insurance

Telephone coaching with 12 units over the first 6 months (probationary period) by the recruiter or the NewPlacement partner close to the applicant's place of residence at the applicant's choice
Crisis intervention (between NewPlacement and PersonalAG, mediation in the company)
Objective: Possible prevention of escalations and separation through coaching and emergency call on demand

Module G: Warranty

One-time resumption of the process after separation in the probationary period (on both sides)
Analogous to the previously booked modules, upgrade options
Objective: Central insurance function by PersonalAG.