PersonalAG supports the 3-2-1 success model of outplacement providers, which has already proven its worth in the electronics and energy industries, among others, through the commitment of HR managers. Here, the client (labor director, HR manager, business partner) concludes framework agreements without exclusivity and without an obligation to purchase but with a cost advantage with 3 pre-selected outplacement competitors (see BDU specialist committee OutPlacement). The employees concerned can take advantage of free and non-binding 1-2 hour informational interviews with 2 OutPlacement providers, in order to then decide on a methodology and the coach. This significantly increases the value for your employees and guarantees an easier conclusion of the termination agreement. Furthermore, this model guarantees a high-quality level of consulting even over longer periods of separation projects, as the providers have to constantly face the vote of the affected employees anew. Should a provider leave during the course of the project, the offer for the employees is still guaranteed. If you prefer the principle of one-face-to-the-customer in the area of outplacement, this can be ensured by the project manager of PersonalAG as lead provider.