Interim Provider

As an interim management provider, we support the success of the interaction between companies and interim managers. To this end, we recruit managers with a high degree of fit quickly and individually, instead of using database inventories to serve needs with a mediocre degree of matching. Both the company and the interim manager receive support from our team throughout the entire assignment. As part of NewPlacement's coaching for interim managers, we also provide support in obtaining the follow-up assignment.
Expectations of the company from interim managers

  • High degree of matching between the company's needs and the interim manager's range of services and experience
  • Speed of arrival: Fast analysis, fast approach, fast integration (110m hurdles instead of 3,000m obstacle race)
  • Speed and flexibility: Quick delivery of results
  • Willingness to push through difficult changes: Not afraid to get burned on the task at hand
  • Power to the last meter: No application activities to the detriment of the client

PersonalAG® can efficiently support these expectations by providing customized recruiting.
Expectation of the Interim Managers from the Provider

  • Active marketing: A significantly higher utilization rate with support of own application activities
  • Support in the commercial-administrative area
  • Shadow manager: Accompanying coaching, e.g. for a quick reduction of frustration and as a discussion partner for "all eventualities
  • Network: Mediation of contacts to helpful experts / institutions and other interim managers
  • Training: Organization of offers to keep the required know-how up to date.
  • A fair and motivating placement and support fee.
  • You take care of the project for the benefit of the client, the provider takes care of the rest.

PersonalAG® cannot meet these expectations. That is why the NewPlacement partners take over this task within the framework of the NewPlacement-Coachings for Interim Managers this task.