Your candidate

We find C-Level, executives and specialists for you for permanent employment or as interim or project managers. In addition, we find successors or catalyst managers for owners with the intention to sell.
Before the search, however, your demand factors must be determined. In the past, 3 advertisements for a CFO were used to create a new advertisement for your search, but today this is no longer sufficient for us. Therefore, we would like to interview all parties involved in advance, as far as confidentiality allows. We usually come across 50-70 demand factors for the new target position, which requires onboarding and subsequent integration into all responsibilities. The more explicit the person we are looking for becomes in front of our eyes, but more importantly in front of yours, the higher our hit rate will be.
In the search process, we will match your 50-70 demand factors against the 150 performance, experience and competence values as well as soft skills and motivations. A mismatch in the corresponding management positions costs significantly more than one year's salary and irritates colleagues, employees and external partners.