The recruitment interview, whether by telephone or face-to-face, is the most commonly used method for selecting candidates. The interview will be well prepared and structured.
In "Modular Recruiting", the initial telephone contact to create the Quantitative Matching Tableau is conducted by the PersonalAG partner in the reactive area after the application documents have been evaluated. The personal interviews close to the place of residence are carried out by NewPlacement coaches to create the qualitative matching table. After getting to know each other in the company, a full-day biographical work with the NewPlacement-Coach will take place with the shortlisted target persons. The psychological matching table and the re-briefing of the interview in the company will be worked out together with the target person. In the second interview in the company, these elaborated documents are presented and discussed. Either a decision is then made usually among 3 target persons in the closest focus or further target persons are introduced.
Hiring C-level, executives and specialists without obtaining valuable references should be a thing of the past. This check is also carefully prepared and professionally conducted by the PersonalAG partner.
All results are recorded in writing and made available to you for decision-making. We will assist you in an advisory capacity during the evaluation of the interview results and the hiring decision.