Psychological tests

The NewPlacement-Biography is an expert interview lasting several hours with in-depth exploration (unlimited open answer options, the next question arises from the previous answer) and is based on years of experience in psychological market research at Tchibo (own computer-aided integrated study model), Reemtsma (international user profiling), among others, as well as the experience gained from working with excellent motivational researchers at Nölle-Neumann, Psyma or Burke/Infratest. This type of psychological test, however, is in a four-digit cost range (Module 2 in Modular Recruiting). Given the considerable costs of a miscast, however, this amount is certainly a particularly sensible investment. On request, we can also arrange all leading computer tests and compare their results with our psychological findings and evaluate them for you or put them into perspective according to the NewPlacement biography.
Within the matching and hiring process psychological tests can be very helpful for companies and applicants. However, both need sides should be reflected in the process. In addition to the above-mentioned exploration, there are computer-based tests with closed questions (the answer is limited to the specifications) for breaking down the personality into green (past-oriented, relationship-securing), red (here and now, sociable) and blue (future-oriented, less communicative) components and, if necessary, yellow (creative, ego-rotated) components or other patterns.
If the test person succeeds in resolving the answer options in No-Gos, positive and negative, as well as the coloured requirement components with the specifications with the closed questions, he will succeed in a largely expected psychological point landing (so-called test cracker). Only the different semantic understandings can lead to irritations. The computer also does not recognize whether this test is carried out without appropriate assistance. Questions such as "What is most important to you in life" with the answer options "family, health, success, values" are particularly tricky. If a manager does not name "success," it puts him or her in a bind in the assessment. The alternative specification "On weekends, I like to lie on the couch and relax or socialize" causes similar problems. The salesperson has to decide in favour of the second version, despite practice to the contrary.
Those responsible in the company should be careful not to generalize their own positive experiences and results with a computer test and declare them to be the standard. Nevertheless, computer-based psychological tests have been triumphant. They are particularly lucrative for providers because, in addition to development costs, they cost only a few euros per test.
In psychological tests with external clients, the answers reflect too much on expectations than on actual personal attitudes. We have experienced this time and again in the course of supporting our NewPlacement candidates in various tests.
The computer-based tests will come closer to the quality of face-to-face explorations through the use of artificial intelligence and use of open-ended questions. However, the holistic picture (body language, expressions, etc.) in the interview will remain limited for quite some time, also due to modern camera technology.
Within the framework of "Modular Recruiting", we offer the NewPlacement biography, conducted by a NewPlacement coach, as a module.