Processing of your unsolicited applications

The number of unsolicited applications is constantly increasing in companies. In addition to the many daily tasks, there is rarely time for intensive sifting and further processing, which results in a poor reputation on the job market in the medium and long term.
PersonalAG could theoretically provide effective support here by sifting and processing the data in an electronic applicant file in accordance with the requirements of the DSGO. In this case, the applicants would have to ensure that their data is up to date. Access could be ensured through appropriate criteria that are important to you. The further operative steps (interim decision, rejection, interview, support in case of perspective) would have to be ensured beyond that.
PersonalAG therefore does not consider an up-to-date and accessible applicant database in our target portfolio (C-level, executives and specialists) to be advisable. In the longer term, the individual search process produces significantly better results.