OutPlacement / NewPlacement

Cooperation with our Holding NewPlacement AG
The economic and ethical reasons for outplacement consulting from the perspective of the releasing company in order to avoid friction losses and image damage. The separation of executives leaves less friction and image damage if the colleague concerned is not only compensated in the termination agreement, but also supported in his professional reorientation. You can't buy a new position.
Strengthening corporate identity and credibility

Corporate mission statements, management principles, image brochures and investments in corporate identity are effectively supported and not called into question with a fair separation.
Successful companies - positive management style

OutPlacement is predominantly used by successful companies that maintain a positive management style.
Severance payments do not avoid career setbacks Severance payments are taxed. This makes it all the more clear that severance payments do not offer security. In case of job loss, it is important to concentrate all energy and qualified help on finding a suitable new position as soon as possible.
Business side
NewPlacement-Coaching is worth its "price". The fee is refinanced, at least in part, from the tendency of shorter remaining terms of long-term contracts and thus saved personnel costs.
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