Separation management

While the glasses clink and the music plays at the wedding, separation is an unloved chapter. Many managers love job interviews and leave the separation procedure to the HR manager. However, many cases show that separations can also take place with style and at eye level. The employee's initial disappointment can also be seen as a positive bond with the company. This bond has been acquired by the company / the HR department through a variety of measures. If this care in the separation ends now abruptly, since the coworker lost its strategic meaning, falls this into a accordingly deep hole. We all know that love (in the past) and disappointment or anger (now) lie close together. Through offers on the market in the area of OutPlacement or NewPlacement, the employee can be caught up, the "bereaved" can be calmed down and the image can be improved or maintained. In the case of longer notice periods, NewPlacement has even resulted in savings through the rapid finding of a new task. Going to the labor court should only remain for the undiscerning cases, as it ties up a lot of time and causes additional costs.