Transfer company

Separation discussions are facilitated by the option of transferring to a transfer company. The transfer companies give employees hope and enable them to reorient themselves professionally. In the transfer companies, participants are qualified according to their individual performance profiles and the requirements of the labour market. Upon joining a transfer company, the employment relationship ends with immediate effect and the transfer company takes over the employer function.
However, C-levels and executives are better off receiving one-on-one NewPlacement coaching due to the demands of the job application market.
Benefits for employers

  • Company remains competitive, as the necessary restructuring can be carried out quickly and smoothly
  • Dismissal protection processes are avoided, separation costs are more calculable
  • Separation processes are shortened and possible personnel costs are saved
  • Corporate image is maintained

Benefits for employees

  • Unemployment is initially prevented
  • Financial security during reorientation
  • Career opportunities are improved by market-oriented qualification
  • Applications are made from within an existing employment relationship
  • Negative consequences for pension insurance are largely avoided
  • Employment with a new employer is possible at any time without deadlines

Benefits for works councils

  • Colleagues can be promised more than just financial support

Benefits for HR managers

  • Separation discussions become easier due to the possibility of showing employees perspectives
  • Motivation of the remaining employees is maintained