Our guidelines

SeniorPartners of PersonalAG. The non-binding and free informational interviews as well as the consultations HR on demand, coaching of HR managers and recruiting are exclusively carried out by SeniorPartners, who are distinguished by their own organ, HR and management experience at a high level. We recruit external partners only for interim activities.
HR managers in the companies
. Our SeniorPartners loyally accept the leadership role of the contracting entities and would only ever act in a supportive capacity and never compete with them. In modular support, we only supplement the time deficits that the HR manager has to delegate for various reasons.
The best of four worlds. Our consulting takes into account all interests in the respective projects. We support HR and companies, guarantee absolute confidentiality to candidates in recruiting and disclose the interests of the consultant. When distributing tasks, we take into account that one can "serve only one master" and select the contact persons from our ranks accordingly.
Our values.
Our SeniorPartners have very consciously chosen this demanding and challenging work. We want to provide dedicated and professional support to people in a professional and life situation that is certainly stressful, but also offers new opportunities. This is our primary and fulfilling goal.