What makes our partnership

"When self-employment becomes a vocation"
PersonalAG provides the framework for a community of independent freelance HR and business consultants with diverse HR experience. SeniorPartners can only become individuals with a high level of commitment. Each SeniorPartner under the umbrella of PersonalAG commits to respect and adhere to the following rules and principles:

  • The success of the supported companies, interim managers and candidates is the goal of our work
  • Maintaining the individualizing method that demands personal commitment
  • team spirit and fairness
  • mutual trust also on verbal commitments
  • personal commitment to the further development of the partnership and PersonalAG
  • conflict resolution based on consensus
  • acceptance of majority decisions and decisions of the function holders
  • Adherence to the jointly defined corporate identity as the basis of our partnership
  • Focus on customer value for long-term satisfaction and retention

Requirements profile for our SeniorPartners:

  • Organ experience as board member, managing director or C-/VP-level (sine qua non).
  • Two-level management experience outside consulting and training companies
  • More than 12 years of high-level management experience
  • In-depth industry experience for the benefit of all partners and their candidates
  • Solid psychological background
  • Ability to listen and take a step back
  • Own qualifying life or separation experiences
  • Commitment to NewPlacement quality
  • Enjoyment of independence and teamwork in a strong community
  • Acquisition and contact strength