Our positioning

The business unit PersonalAG of NewPlacement Löffler + Partner GmbH is a service provider that supports HR managers and management with innovative approaches to their (modular) needs in the field of HR. In doing so, current problems in the operational HR area are our drivers. In our creative solutions, we were also able to draw on the many years of experience in OutPlacement and NewPlacement of NewPlacement AG and adapt the corresponding successful tools. 5 examples should illustrate this:
1. you are looking for new employees from a clientele that is not even looking and is not interested in normal job advertisements --> highway robbery
2. you know about the problem of selecting the right person from the last three applicants. A wrong decision often costs money and time as well as reputation inside and outside the company. --> DecisionSupportSystem with active matching
3. you have recently lost employees you really wanted to keep. --> Separation prevention
4. You have managers who have risen quickly due to professional competence and whose leadership and communication behaviour has not yet been developed accordingly. --> Job insurance
5. you have already gained experience with interim managers who had performance problems due to a lack of integration, and despite the need you refrain from closing gaps quickly. --> BackgroundCoaching We would be happy to discuss these and many other approaches, each of which we can adapt to your specific circumstances, in a personal meeting with you.
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