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In 1989, our founder Gerd Löffler set up business in northern Germany for the Claessens Group, the European leader in outplacement at the time.
1992 Today's NewPlacement Löffler+Partner GmbH is founded in Hamburg as the nucleus of NewPlacement AG.  
2002 Gerd Löffler and Hans-Christoph Nagel decisively develop the classic OutPlacement further. The holistic and individualizing NewPlacement methodology is created, with the full-day biography as the basis for all management factors in the application process.
2005 NewPlacement Aktiengesellschaft (Public limited company) is founded by Gerd Löffler and Hans-Christoph Nagel and takes over the NewPlacement business.
2009 Gerd Löffler takes over as chairman of the supervisory board of NewPlacement AG.
2013 NewPlacement AG takes over all shares in NewPlacement Löffler+Partner GmbH in Hamburg. Hans-Christoph Nagel and Norbert Roseneck take over the management from Gerd Löffler.
2014 Norbert Roseneck takes over as Chairman of the Holding's Supervisory Board, Gerd Löffler continues to be available as a member of the Supervisory Board of NewPlacement AG with his diverse experience, Angela Babel is elected to the Holding's Supervisory Board.
2016 Christof Küchler is appointed Chief Financial Officer of the holding company.
2017 25th anniversary
2018 Christof Küchler and Werner Lessmann form the management board of NewPlacement Löffler + Partner GmbH. In November, the modular PremiumSearch is presented for the first time at the partner meeting in Kassel.
2020 The SeniorPartners meet the new demands of the Corona crisis through a balanced mix of face-to-face and digital coaching.
2021 Our method tool "Management-Balance" as an integral of performance, experience and competence values as well as soft skills is revised.
2022 30th anniversary Currently, around 30 SeniorPartners of NewPlacement AG in Germany in more than 60 cities and in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain support board members and managing directors, C-level, executives and (technical) specialists in their professional reorientation.
We can thus look back on around 30 years of development work in outplacement and especially in NewPlacement as well as in career consulting and coaching.