Recruiting system

Probationary period becomes a formality / Fee becomes a matter of success
PersonalAG, competence partner in the entire search process, is a national consulting community with management-experienced senior partners. C-Level, executives and specialists are recruited and motivated by PersonalAG on the one hand and reliably selected on the other hand by the biographical and holistic personnel recruiting system ("PETRUS") with reasonable effort. Personnel marketing or personnel acquisition and the indispensable examination of suitability (matching degree) are not a contradiction, but indispensable prerequisites in order not to experience decisive findings only in the probationary period. Thus, the probationary period becomes a formality. Committed to sustainable success, we make advance payments and in some cases do not invoice until the objectives of the search and selection have been achieved - this also applies to our own material costs and expenses. Unless, after consultation with the company, the intensive involvement of an external market researcher becomes necessary due to a special search situation. As an alternative, however, the best of the three worlds is offered by "Modular Recruiting" with innovative tools, such as "waylaying" in search and display networks and the approach by "independent" NewPlacement partners in the regions of the target persons. We support our customers individually according to their needs and wishes. "PETRUS" takes this approach into account in a special way, in that through joint intensive biographical work with the applicants in the final selection, attitudes and expectations become transparent that otherwise only come to light during the probationary period.
Of course, we also ensure the standards of the process (SingleSearch):
- Joint definition of the job profile and creation of a requirements profile
- Drafting of job advertisements under your or our company logo
- Publication of job advertisement (e.g. Internet, print, homepage)
- Direct search of potential candidates in the relevant environment
- Internet search for narrow search profiles of sought-after specialists (tool "highway robbery")
- Screening of application documents and pre-selection
- Interview and proposal of suitable candidates
- Moderation of the job interviews in the company
- Full-day biographical analysis with the applicants of the final selection
- Creation of matching based on up to 40 individually developed factors
- Consulting in the decision-making process
- Coaching and retention of the new employee