Assessment Center

PersonalAG understands an assessment center to be a one-on-one event for managers, lasting at least half a day, designed to reduce the risk of hiring. Standards are rejected by PersonalAG. ACs, for which one can prepare by reading books, are like exams whose questions are known in advance. Desired specialists will only agree to participate in an AC if their own personal benefit becomes apparent. Candidates who uncritically accept everything are unsuitable for recruitment in our view.
PersonalAG therefore writes individual scripts for ACs that are tailored to the project and the target persons. In addition, PersonalAG offers informative ACs for groups, which also cannot be found in any book.
As an alternative to the AC, we prefer within the framework of the "Modal Recruiting" a full-day biographical work with the target persons in the closest circle to the resident NewPlacement-Coaches. From our experience, the psychological matching tableau brings more decision transparency.